Chef’s Recommendations

  • A giant boneless chicken chop battered and fried to a golden crisp generously tossed and topped with our seasoned and crunchy cereal flakes. WOW!
  • Beef Rendang

    Garuda’s signature dish. Beef simmered in fresh coconut milk and traditional Indonesian spices cooked for hours to immerse you in all its flavours.
  • Martabak Beef

    A savory pancake with beef filling combined with Indonesian flavours, pan-fried to a perfect crisp.
  • Chicken Sate

    Chicken skewers marinated in traditional herbs with our signature peanut sauce, topped with fried shallots.

Chef’s Choice*new

  • Grilled Mahi-Mahi steak in a lemon butter glaze served with our homemade creamy mashed potatoes.
  • Lamb Rendang

    Mouth-watering Lamb cubes immersed in our signature Rendang sauce served with our famous vegetable fritters and Roti.
  • Konro Bakar

    Generous serving of succulent grilled beef ribs in our mouthwatering Indo-style Barbeque sauce served with our homemade creamy mashed potatoes. Available in Regular or Spicy.
  • Classic Balinese fried duck served with Sambal Matah. #Duckconfit! Go ahead, treat yourself.


  • Prawn spring rolls stuffed with chilli and cheese served with a side of Garlic Aioli.
  • Char-grilled chicken wings in our mouthwatering Indo-Style Barbeque Sauce. A Must Try! (Choice of regular or spicy)
  • A savory pancake with your choice of filling combined with Indonesian flavors, pan-fried to a perfect crisp. 260 Ayam (Chicken) 280 Daging (Beef) 290 Vegetarian (Minced Mushrooms)
  • Jakarta's most popular street food. These char-grilled skewers are marinated in traditional herbs then smothered in our signature peanut sauce, topped with fried shallots. 255 Ayam (Chicken) 280 Daging (Beef) 250 Vegetarian 255 Tofu

Main Course

  • Half spring chicken braised in traditional Padang flavours then char-grilled to a perfect roast.
  • A giant boneless chicken chop battered and fried to a golden crisp generously tossed and topped with our seasoned and crunchy cereal flakes. WOW!
  • Ayam Panggang

    Charcoal-grilled chicken thigh fillet marinated in a combination of traditional herbs. Served with tangy dipping sauce.
  • Garuda’s version of the classic half-fried chicken topped with coconut flakes.

Rice & Noodles

  • Indonesian style fried rice with the perfect combination of traditional flavors.

    ₱250 Ayam (Chicken)

    ₱270 Daging (Beef)

    ₱250 Vegetarian

  • Our delectable fried rice infused with Garuda’s signature flavours. A must try!

    ₱270 Ayam (Chicken)

    ₱290 Daging (Beef)

    ₱260 Vegetarian

  • A Medan specialty. Stir-fried noodles in our signature peanut sauce.

    ₱290 Ayam (Chicken)

    ₱300 Daging (Beef)

    ₱290 Vegetarian

  • Jakarta-style fried noodles with your choice of meat combination of vegetables.

    ₱280 Ayam (Chicken)

    ₱295 Daging (Beef)

    ₱280 Vegetarian


Soups & Sides

  • Tahu Goreng

    Classic pan-fried marinated tofu
  • Bakwan Sayur

    Vegetable fritters served with sweet and tangy dipping sauce.
  • Soto Ayam

    Turmeric and lemongrass scented soup combined with glass noodles, cabages, tomatoes, leeks and bean sprouts.
  • Sayur Lodeh

    A harmony of seasonal vegetables cooked in seasoned coconut milk.

Kid’s Corner

Desserts & Beverages

  • Roti Bakar

    Jakarta's most popular roadside dessert. Nutella, cheese, and butter in a sandwich that's crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. It's then smothered with mozzarella cheese, condensed milk, and chocolate sauce.
  • Moist chocolate cake smothered with salted caramel fudge. An all-time favourite.

Hear it from our Customers!

This restaurant is amazing. The chicken sate, nasi goreng java, chicken rendang and pandan cake are exceptional. I regularly eat here with my family. The server, Miko is very nice and hardworking. Great customer service. Good value for money as well. Highly recommend this place.

Kavita Handa

Been seeing this place for a while now, with me thinking that “hey, its in front of the Indonesian Embassy — it must be good!” Wow i was really in for a shocker! Or should i say, a spicer! Me and my friend ordered the special nasi with beef, the shrimp sambal, and the beef rendang. The nasi was amazingly cooked, with it being an ulam on its own. The shrimp Sambal though was the star for me– enticingly spicy that makes you want to crave for more! Will defintely go back to try the other dishes. 😉

Roy Reyes

As a fan of Indonesian cuisine, I can without a doubt say this stays true to its roots (being in front of the embassy, expect no less!) The Beef Biryani is to die for if you’re up to something spicy. To balance it out, order the sweet Gado-gado. Then of course the classic Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng are not to be missed. Service is great and the ambiance is also pretty good. Parking may be a problem, but there are many lots nearby.

Joseph Rem dela Cruz

Get 10% off your total bill when you dine from 7PM onwards. Enjoy!